What Are The Top Qualities of A Great Leader?

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes but what makes them great is usually to do with how they can inspire the team. And sometimes having one on the team can make all the difference.

Defining exactly what makes a ‘leader’ in itself can be a difficult task. On one hand it could be to do with personality, but more often than not it’s the experiences they have accumulated that make them so great. Read these following seven qualities on how to become a great leader.

Be grounded and centered
The thing with great leaders is that it’s usually pretty hard to knock them off base. They have a solid grounding that allows them to make strategic decisions rather than just reacting to a situation.

Be aware and mindful
Being aware and mindful of both yourself and other team members is another great trait to have as a leader. Being aware means you notice how people relate to each other. You’re also more likely to pick up on the sensitivities of other people that might affect the way they work.

Create solutions
Good leaders are usually big picture-type thinkers. They’re thinking creatively about problems and the next big idea. They have the ability to see patterns and decide what needs to be done with confidence.

Evaluate risk
A great leader can usually make a sound decision when it comes to evaluating risk. They’ll consider the ramifications of each option and can put plans into place that reflect these considerations.

Have a sense of urgency
While a good leader may be able to inspire and motivate their team members to accomplish tasks, a great leader does so with a sense of urgency. To be able to motivate others to action you need to be able to communicate urgency to your team.

Be insightful
Intuition can be great in leading you to the right decision. Sometimes it can be hard to trust your intuition when your brain is saying something else. Learn to rely on insights and your gut feelings. More often than not your intuition will lead you down the right path so learn to trust it.

Build cohesion
Having the ability to get team members to work together effectively can be an art form. To motivate others to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves takes a great leader. Once you build cohesion amongst your team, you get better engagement from your team members. They will actually want to be there and they’ll want to achieve a great result.

The definition of a ‘great’ leader will most definitely vary from person to person. If you get the opportunity to work with an inspirational leader, learn from them and analyze their strategies. With these tips, learn some of the traits that make a leader so great.